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    Do you want to leave a suggestion? Great, here at Tigers Setups, we are open to constructive criticism to help us improve. However to prevent duplicate suggestions or people suggesting silly things I have created this thread.

    • Before suggesting something, make sure it hasn't been suggested before. If a similar idea has been suggested before, it will most likely end up with the same result as the previous suggestion.
    • If you're suggesting a feature change or addition, try to find some addons which do what you are asking. Custom development is really time consuming and expensive so we try to use public resources that are maintained and updated frequently. You can use Xenforo's official website to look up any addons.
    • When suggesting something bring up the following:
      • Is it worth implementing?
      • What are the pros and cons?
      • Are you able to find any public addons that do this?
    • Don't suggest for the sake of suggesting. Suggest only things that could improve Tigers Setups.
    • If you disagree with a suggestion. I highly suggest leaving some constructive feedback in the thread. It is very hard for us to decide if there is a lot of disagree ratings in a thread but no feedback.
    • Just because a suggestion gets a lot of agrees, doesn't mean it will get implemented. We do look at community feedback but sometimes implementing something is simply not worth it.
    • Ensure each thread only contains only 1 suggestion.
    • Suggestions are very serious. They are shaping the future of Tigers Setups. All suggestions must be on topic, contributing and relevant.
    I will update this thread overtime so make sure to check back once in a while.
    If you think there is anything that should be added to this thread, feel free to post below, I will be moderating this thread and will add any useful things to the thread from time to time.Only post things related to contribution to thread, off-topic/non-useful posts won't be approved.

    Thanks for reading!

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